Thursday, May 10, 2012

On Learning to Sew...

Pretty much sums up my experience thus far in learning to machine sew!

After successfully completing a few envelope back cushion covers, I decided to venture out and try something a little more difficult for dear friend and (biggest cheerleader) as her birthday was coming up.  I came across this lovely, seemingly easy to follow for a beginner, tea wallet tutorial and set to work.  Amazingly, it came out right on the first try!

The stitches aren't even all that crooked! ;)  Must have a few more photos because I'm so proud of it!

This was the first time I sewed something without lanikins looking over my shoulder for support.

Not bad for a newbie eh?  Feeling very confident, I set to make another using some lovely fat quarters I bought a while back.  Breezing along, thinking how wonderful I am I can do this no problem.....

This is how it ended up.

Sigh.  Swear.  Throw things.

Fortunately for me, I have two amazing seamstresses as mentors, the lovely Ruby Murray and dear sister lanikins.  Both have been awesomely encouraging, reminding me that EVERYBODY has to use a seam ripper now and then.  I'm not going to give up!

Working on a "simple" (sarcastically worded, since everything seems complicated to me right now!) a-line dress for Babygirl, hope to share successful results with you soon!


  1. Aww bless you, the thing to remember about sewing is that unlike Embroidery & Crochet, you have the rights to blame a machine for your f-ups! what with thread tension, thread type, needles going blunt, timing, bobbin tension and don't get me started on off grain fabrics! there's a lot of things that can go wrong that have absolutely nothing to do with your skills. At least that's how I get round my issues with sewing ;)
    Keep on trying, there's an Italian proverb that says 'All things are difficult, before they are easy!' so true.

    Oh and if all else fails: Change Needle/Rewind Bobbin/Oil the Machine and put your feet up and have a glass of vino, one of those usually sorts out the problem!

  2. Oh and I love love love my first ever tea wallet, never tried sewing one myself even!

  3. Oh my gosh! I can't tell you how many balled up half turned projects I have like that :). I don't think I've ever finished a sewing project without the help of a seam ripper.

    You're doing an awesome job! The tea wallet looks great and my new pillow cover ROCKS!

  4. You forgot to mention my pillow,and I love it. The wadded up fabric really cracked me up.

  5. lovely quote Ruby, must keep that in mind at all times!
    thanks Lime, i had a blast with your cushion cover :)
    haha Betsy you know... there were supposed to be two pillows for you...maybe i should share a pic of the wadded up second cover too!

  6. In case you didn't know I'm your biggest fan, and I've linked to your blog and given you an award ;)


  7. remember the time i gave you a sewing machine, and private sewing lessons, and you didn't make me NUTTIN yet?!?! request you may ask? i need a costume for denver comicon...get on it!!! just're kicking ass with this whole sewing thing. when you get frustrated, remember the 20 to 20 thing :) and lime is right...seam rippers are just a necessary thing, as you have witnessed on crafty fridays at mi casa. i have been sewing for a bajilliondy years, and still find myself sewing wrong sides, and so on......

  8. that's a tall order lanikins! how bout a shopping bag instead??? :P
    i really appreciate your expertise and confidence in me!


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