Monday, February 14, 2011

All You Need Is Love

ERL always gives me roses for Valentine's Day.  I, in turn, resist the urge to take the easy route and purchase junk food and a card with a cheesy poem on it and give him a homemade valentine.  This year, he was the recipient of my very first embroidery project.

The adorable pattern can be found here:

Being a mommy, Valentine's Day is also an important day for me to show my other sweethearts just how much I love them.  Knowing that the sweet little things all hoard their valentine's from me every year, I decided to give them something in addition to their paper cards....

For NinjaBoy:

For Shorty:

For BabyGirl:

This year's Valentine's Day projects proved to me that its not so hard be heartfelt and thrifty...the felt bags were purchased for $1 a piece and I used fabric remnants for the backgrounds.  The patterns for the dog, swallow and kitty were all from the fabulous book Sublime Stitching.  I'd say the total cost to make all four gifts was around $10, not including the treats that will be stuffed inside for the kiddos.

Valentine's Day isn't really about roses or cards or gifts or candy, but I sure do love giving them to the ones I love.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tiny Boxes

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a unique and extremely fun swap over on Craftster.  The challenge?  Altered matchboxes.  The verdict?  One of the most fun challenges I've ever had, and one of my favorite projects I have ever made.  On to the photo:

I started with a bargain brand matchbox, wrapped in this strange textured paper I found.  My partner for this swap was quite the quilter and seamstress, and indicated she liked sewing themed things.  This was a rare occasion for me, I usually fuss and fret with things for a really long time before I have my "Thats it!" such thing with this one, it all just seemed to fall together.  The next thing I did (which is barely noticeable in the photo but I thought looked so cool in person) was cover the paper with Distress crackle paint, which is probably one of my favorite products on the market right now.  It created this lovely look of worn out leather...well I just piled all the other elements on after that, really trying to use things that are common and wonderful in fashion.  Vintage button, black lace, rusty chain and what every girl needs (besides diamonds of course) pearls!

I opted in the swap to have two different partners, and this was what I made for her, inspired by her mentioning liking several different kinds of birds.  More strange paper, ribbon, fun fur (for that feathery look), the sheet music and charm just fell together in such a fun way!

 The other fun part was that we also filled the boxes with tiny trinkets and things, and who doesn't love tiny things?  The swap is almost over,I've received one of two matchboxes and my first was awesome (thanks Jennie!!!) but I still have tons of matchbox altering ideas...might have to make some "just because".

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Granny Craft #2--The Lid Lifter

So here in beautiful Colorado, we have had three consecutive days of sub-zero temperatures.  Translation:  Spidermom trapped in the house for three days with three kids!!!  Good thing I have a huge yarn stash and a bounty of patterns!

Today's pattern comes to us courtesy of the premier issue of Weekend Crochet magazine, circa 1991:

Ok can we just pause for a moment to say, "Seriously?!?!  1991?!?!"  To me, everything about this picture screams 1970's kitchen, but maybe its just me.  That said, on to the details!

I thought the idea of the lid lifter for the Corningware pot was too adorable, and since this year Santa stuffed some fun Lily Sugar and Cream cotton into my stocking, (and by "Santa" I mean my one of a kind fantastic awesomely sweet mommy...yes I am 32 and my momma still makes me a stocking every year--jealous?) I set to work on my very own Lid Lifter.

I fell in love!  Little bit of a challenge with the squiggly bit around the edge, but it gives it a certain wow factor combined with the striped yarn,  no?  

Once I had this in my hands it just begged for matching friends, and I spent the next four or so hours (give or take!) making a set.

Fancy Potholder:

And the ever important and completely useful Handle Holder:

Ah, the lovely things I never knew I needed!

Here's the part where I confess that I absolutely hate cooking and will likely never actually use them myself.  I'm hoping that my loving ERL will put his manly-ness aside and use them at least once to appease me.
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