Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Granny Craft #2--The Lid Lifter

So here in beautiful Colorado, we have had three consecutive days of sub-zero temperatures.  Translation:  Spidermom trapped in the house for three days with three kids!!!  Good thing I have a huge yarn stash and a bounty of patterns!

Today's pattern comes to us courtesy of the premier issue of Weekend Crochet magazine, circa 1991:

Ok can we just pause for a moment to say, "Seriously?!?!  1991?!?!"  To me, everything about this picture screams 1970's kitchen, but maybe its just me.  That said, on to the details!

I thought the idea of the lid lifter for the Corningware pot was too adorable, and since this year Santa stuffed some fun Lily Sugar and Cream cotton into my stocking, (and by "Santa" I mean my one of a kind fantastic awesomely sweet mommy...yes I am 32 and my momma still makes me a stocking every year--jealous?) I set to work on my very own Lid Lifter.

I fell in love!  Little bit of a challenge with the squiggly bit around the edge, but it gives it a certain wow factor combined with the striped yarn,  no?  

Once I had this in my hands it just begged for matching friends, and I spent the next four or so hours (give or take!) making a set.

Fancy Potholder:

And the ever important and completely useful Handle Holder:

Ah, the lovely things I never knew I needed!

Here's the part where I confess that I absolutely hate cooking and will likely never actually use them myself.  I'm hoping that my loving ERL will put his manly-ness aside and use them at least once to appease me.


  1. Wow they are too cute, a handle cosy? I never knew about such frivolity before now. You're educating people Spidermom! lol

  2. love it -- and not only 1970s but 1950s as well -- these things just keep cycling around, and I love them still!

  3. The handle cozy has been given another name (unmentionable). Ohhhh, we are so naughty!!!

  4. An evening out to Chili's and "TA TA!!!" pot handle cozies on the fajita pans.


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