Friday, July 6, 2012

Adventures in Sewing Part 6--Look! Up in the Sky!


This is my absolute favorite sewing project to date!  So much fun to make and all of my own design :)  This was all pulled together for my sweet little buddy in Canada's 3rd birthday.

My original plan was to do the emblem with the fancy freezer paper applique method using regular cotton fabric.  I quickly realized that it was too much thinking/cutting so I switched to felt.  Much easier!  Was not, however, much easier to actually sew down.  I discovered that felt is very hard to keep still while machine sewing, so there was a little bit of puckering at the end of the circle.

When figuring this all out in my head, I remembered when NinjaBoy was little, and that things to tie around your neck aren't always the best things for play!  I was inspired by the old Superman pajamas that had velcro right on the shoulders to attach the cape, and went with it by attaching a strip of Velcro to the back of each shirt and to the inside of the cape.

The cape!  Crazy for this fabric I found at JoAnn!  I cut two pieces using NinjaBoy's old cape that lanikins made him way back when as a template.  My thinking was that it would be too flimsy if it was only one piece of fabric, plus, who wants to see the wrong side of printed fabric?

Yet another project that taught me that single fold bias tape is the devil.  Luckily, I had this lovely satin-y ribbon in the stash that matched almost perfectly!  It was tricky holding it on there for the sewing, discovered quickly that pins left nasty holes in the ribbon so here's a pic of what I used to hold it all together:

Woohoo!  I love clothespins!  Seriously, they are handy in so many ways!

Here's a group shot of the whole costume together!

So whattya think?

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