Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Totally Radical!

Can I just start by saying is it spring yet???  A nasty cold has descended on the House of Spidermom, taking down four out of five of us staggered over the last two weeks, ick!

Being mostly homebound does have its benefits though, lots of stitching, hooking and general organization happening around here.  If you'll notice, I've decided to publicly shame myself but publishing my ridiculous list of Works In Progress.  I'm really hoping this helps motivate me to finish these items, so that I can work towards de-stashing the over grown beast that is Yarn Mountain.

So part of this process is embracing things that I kind of hate, in this case it is neon colors, which remind me of another thing I hate, the 1980's.  You know, when my bangs were all poofy and my favorite color was "seafoam green".  Gross, like, gag me with a spoon, for sure!   I can't bring myself to give any further examples of that horrible, tacky decade, but I'm sure you get the same pictures in your head when the 80's are mentioned.  Sickening, no?

Anyway, I came across some horrible bright Red Heart Super Saver in my stash, pulled out two colors and said (aloud to myself, of course), why the bleep did I buy this awful color???  I felt an urgent need to get them out of my house, and so the Totally Radical Granny was born.
I took a ton of pictures but none of them could really capture the frightening brightness of the colors!  Gave this one to one of Shorty's friends, because of course the kids all think the neon and the 80's were cool because they don't remember it, seeing as they weren't even born yet.
Blah, I can hardly bear to look at the photos, the colors hurt my eyes!  Unfortunately, the blanket didn't entirely eat up all of the yarn due to how I did the pattern so I've still got a few balls waiting to be used up in some other way.  They'll be shoved in a drawer for who knows how long until I can stand to look at them again.

So here we have it, one item off the WIP list woohoo!

Hope everyone is well and maybe even getting a sneak preview of spring where ever you may be!
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