Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tiny Boxes

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a unique and extremely fun swap over on Craftster.  The challenge?  Altered matchboxes.  The verdict?  One of the most fun challenges I've ever had, and one of my favorite projects I have ever made.  On to the photo:

I started with a bargain brand matchbox, wrapped in this strange textured paper I found.  My partner for this swap was quite the quilter and seamstress, and indicated she liked sewing themed things.  This was a rare occasion for me, I usually fuss and fret with things for a really long time before I have my "Thats it!" moment...no such thing with this one, it all just seemed to fall together.  The next thing I did (which is barely noticeable in the photo but I thought looked so cool in person) was cover the paper with Distress crackle paint, which is probably one of my favorite products on the market right now.  It created this lovely look of worn out leather...well I just piled all the other elements on after that, really trying to use things that are common and wonderful in fashion.  Vintage button, black lace, rusty chain and what every girl needs (besides diamonds of course) pearls!

I opted in the swap to have two different partners, and this was what I made for her, inspired by her mentioning liking several different kinds of birds.  More strange paper, ribbon, fun fur (for that feathery look), the sheet music and charm just fell together in such a fun way!

 The other fun part was that we also filled the boxes with tiny trinkets and things, and who doesn't love tiny things?  The swap is almost over,I've received one of two matchboxes and my first was awesome (thanks Jennie!!!) but I still have tons of matchbox altering ideas...might have to make some "just because".


  1. so are we going to get to see pictures of the ones your received?

  2. I love these, my fave is the sewing/fashion one (of course!!) I love how the button looks like an eye and the ribbon reminds me of eyelashes!


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