Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have you seen this beautiful machine??

Drool worthy, isn't it?  Pricey too!  Here's the details, if you're interested.  This gorgeous beast does tons of awesome things and will very soon be delivered to dear sister lanikins' house.  Jealous!  However, it means that I will be getting her old machine!

The last few Crafty Friday's have been spent practicing on the machine, with lanikins patiently answering my stupid questions and telling me to stop being a chicken.  One of the projects was this neck pillow for NinjaBoy out of a fabric remnant I picked up super cheap that has been sitting in a drawer for the last six months or so.  (compulsive buying much?).  I have enough fabric left over to make a removable cushion cover for a pillow form that was also purchased on impulse because of its drastically reduced price.  See?  Hoarded things get used eventually!

Last night, Mom and I had a little outing to the Not-So-Stinky-Thrift and I found these lovely and completely necessary books.  I've only spent a few minutes browsing through the Singer book, but I can tell already it will be a valuable reference book to have on hand.  The other book is just so much fun, and it is the oldest craft book I've ever found at a thrift store, published in 1966.  I will definitely be giving some of these old projects a try, especially since it is full of groovy sewing and embroidery patterns, as well as lovely recycling projects to do with the kids.

Also found at the thrift, a lovely assortment of vintage thread for a mere $3.49!  Pretty nice selection of colors for a grab bag too.  These will definitely be used in the very near future as I gain confidence and read up on sewing.

And once they're used up, most of them are on wooden spools that I can't wait to re-purpose!

Anybody else have an inspiring crafty find this week?


  1. Yowza! Your sis's new machine looks FANCY (and intimidating) :)! Have fun with your new sewing robot. Looks like you scored some great thrifty finds!

  2. I have the book on the left, it has so many crazy 70's crafts in there, lots of felt projects, pretty shagadelic actually!! Talk about twinnies!! and love the Singer, so gorgeous, dead jealous of your sis x

  3. Love the cushion cover too, that fabric is AWESOME!!!


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