Monday, March 26, 2012

Lady Crafts

I finally succumbed to peer pressure and read The Hunger Games.  I remember two years ago when Shorty was raving about it, and as she told me about it, I kept thinking how it may not be appropriate subject matter for a sixth grader--sounded so violent!  I also have a tendency to avoid teen fiction (don't get me started about Twilight!) because, while I still don't quite feel like a grown up, I am a realist and have a hard time relating to 16 year old girls.

Anyway, while it is quite the gory read, I am so glad I finally sat down and gave it a chance.  Katniss is not your typical teen age girl and after I spent two nights with my nose buried in a book for the first time in ages, I had a lot to think about.  Like fear and control and oppression and strength and survival and love in the most horrible of places.  For some reason it kept bringing me back to thinking about a conversation I had with ERL after watching a Twilight Zone (or was it Outer Limits?).  Either way, it was about a post-apocalyptic future and he turned to me and said, "You know, you ladies with your needles and hooks are really going to save us all."

He's so right!  I've read a few things about the feminist movement and that many woman dropped crafts, not only to go into the workforce, but because they felt knitting, crocheting, embroidery and things of that nature were anti-feminist.  Things have shifted back the other way and woman are learning to do those things once again, learning the skills from their mothers, friends, books and the wonderful world wide web.  I for one intend to pass down what I've learned (and am still learning) to my daughters so that they too can learn that there is nothing more feminist then women sharing valuable skills with one another and the world.  I know that I can mend torn clothing and crochet a basket out of anything rope-like, and for that, I feel empowered.

Maybe these skills aren't the most important on the survival skills ladder, but since I know I will likely struggle to kill something for food, the least I can do is make a pretty pillow.

Oh yeah, I made a pretty pillow!

Yet another gorgeous design from Doodle Stitching :)

Get out there and make something pretty (or useful) ladies!  I think I might just find a stick and a blade and whittle myself a crochet hook...


  1. My Mom, who is a very creative and artistic person, doesn't know how to sew, knit, crochet, embroider etc because when she was growing up, taking home-ec was totally out of fashion - just as you described.

    I'm very happy that I live in a time where I can be both a crafty and domestic lady and also hold my own in corporate America.

    And I agree - I would love to be surrounded by craftwomen (and men) after the apocalypse! Being good at powerpoint isn't going to be worth much at that point :). I will knit fishing nets!

  2. Love this post, my Mum knew how to knit, sew clothes , Tatt and crochet yet I've had to learn most of that (and still continue to learn) for myself. For me feminism is about embracing our differences, women think differently, see things differently, love and nurture in different ways. Being able to warm and clothe my children with my creative skills gives me pleasure. It's our duty to pass on the crafts that have been overlooked by previous generations to our children x

  3. p.s and now I finally know what the bloomin heck Hunger Games is, I totally thought it was a reality tv show!

  4. Great post, you made me laugh and made me think - thank you. And i am a feminist and a crafted/mother/high heels lover! thankfully feminism today is about equality not about telling woman they should behave in a certain way

  5. How could I leave out telling you how cool the cushion cover is too, what a dufus! You're embroidery skills kick serious butt lady!

  6. & good message too!

    I just started on the 2nd Hunger games book :) You might also like Lisbeth the heroine in the girl with the dragon tattoo. Also a strong survivalist character. She's pretty bad a** :)


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