Friday, March 2, 2012

X Stitchin

Productive week here at home!  Not only have I been spring cleaning/organizing, but I have also checked an item off of my WIP list (huge granny square blanket for the couch, started, oh I dunno, a year ago???) and completed a swap over on Craftster!

This was for the Hoopla swap (check out the gallery!).  The theme was Negative Space or Silhouette, which was a great opportunity to make one of the patterns from A Rainbow of Stitches that I've just been itching to do.   It pales in comparison to some of the amazingly creative hoops made for this swap, but I'm very happy with it and it was really fun to try!

I have a nice running list of more projects from that book, which has both embroidery and cross stitch designs in it, so I'm all set to stitch up a storm.

I've also discovered that I LOVE cross stitch magazines from the UK.  A little steep in price for a magazine at $9.99 a piece, but when I looked into getting a subscription it was going to be around 150 USD yikes!  I'll stitck to buying them when I can find them at Jo-Ann!  They are packed full of charts though, so worth the price if you plan on doing a lot of stitching!

This little one was from Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, Issue 155, which was packed full of really cute small, Asian themed charts.  I'm definitely making more of these, there are 5 different Geisha and tons of cherry blossoms and koi fish designs.

Two more needlework swaps in the work so I'll get to stitchin!  Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Gorgeous, love the Cameo and the Geisha is too cute!

    I hear you on how cool UK Cross Stitch mags are, too bad I didn't craft when I actually lived there, the cruel irony!

  2. such cute photos!!

  3. I have got to do some some small cross stitch. I love these. I have to pull out my patterns!

  4. Forgot to mention the little black chair was a good class. I spent way too much money on supplies though (like every new hobby) :), but now I am ready to paint a dresser at least. They are offering a national class in Denver in a couple weeks taught by Annie Sloan, but it was more money so I opted for this class. It was pricey but the paint is great to work with.


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