Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Adventures In Sewing Part 2--Gardening Apron For Mom

Time to share another successful sewing project!  This one comes from the awesome book One Yard Wonders and was made for my lovely Mommy.  Mom is an avid gardener and I always get her something related to playing in the dirt for Mother's Day, so this seemed a perfect gift and a perfect challenge for my beginning sewing skills!

A whole lot of "firsts" with this project....first pockets, first loop-y things and first time using bias tape!  I confess I almost chickened out on the "loopy things" but then talked myself down with the realization that it isn't really a gardening apron if you you don't have a place to hang your tools!

Action shot of me trying it on, you can see the loopy things better in this photo.

This project was a blast, and for those of us keeping score--I only used the seam ripper twice!


  1. Love this, and yay you on the bias tape, I love using it but I have friends that have been sewing for eons and they still haven't got their heads round how to sew it. Jump straight into the hardest project then everything else seems easy by comparison. Can't believe how quickly you are getting to grips with sewing, keep the awesome projects coming x

  2. And I LOVE IT!!!,but almost too nice to get dirty in the yard. Thank you my darling Spidermom, love you.

  3. Super cute!! The design is nice and the fabric you chose is adorable. You are an expert seamstress already!

  4. please use it momma! its made of stain resistant fabric!

    ruby-thanks so much for all of your advice and encouragement :)

    thanks lime! i'm having so much fun learning!

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