Thursday, May 17, 2012

Adventures in Sewing Part 1--Toddler A-line Dress

Upon bringing home my new sewing machine, Babygirl immediately insisted that I make her a dress.  Definitely an intimidating request for a beginner that is just now getting over the fear of sewing through my finger!  I set out to find the most simple dress pattern I could find, and after looking through tons I was too chicken to attempt (ruffles, darts, gathering, etc) found Kwik Sew Pattern 3862.  Can't get more simple than an A-line dress!

I'm proud to announce that I only used the seam ripper 3 times for this project!  But I will also publicly confess that the inside is an absolute mess and I am afraid to see what happens to it once its gone through the wash!

This was my first attempt at putting a zipper in anything, come to find out it really wasn't as difficult as I had invisioned.  (action shot of the back--ah the fun of photographing a moving target!)

During the process I kept reminding myself that it doesn't have to be perfect, this is a learning process and hey, its a play dress for a four year old!  Turns out she loves it and it took me a full 24 hours to peel it off of her!  She's now requesting "at least two" more dresses just like it!

Sewing up a storm these last few days so more projects to follow soon!

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