Sunday, January 23, 2011

Crafty Fridays

About two years ago, my sister and I started having Crafty Fridays.  I pack up a bag of crafty supplies and my two older kiddos and invade lanikins' house.  The kids run wild while she and I laugh hard and work on our current projects, and occasionally even finish something!  Two weeks ago, she painted this for me to use as a model for my hats:

Such an upgrade from a boring styrofoam head!  My kids think its creepy but I love it!

So this Crafty Friday, I had a plan to attempt the PDQ hat from the book The Happy Hooker, which I recently received in a personal swap with redflags from Craftster (you rock!)  Its a nice basic, beginner hat. Looks simple enough, no?

 I quickly realized that something wasn't right, following the instructions as written, this hat was turning out to be pretty tiny, so I frogged it and started over with a hook two sizes larger than indicated.  (yes, I do have a pretty huge head).  Changing the hook size definitely made it big enough to fit around my huge dome, but by the time I got to finishing the flaps I realized the dang thing was too short to cover even a little bit of my forehead.  I started adding rounds and boy did that screw it up royally!  There were lots of giggles and jokes about knights and even the Gordon's Fisherman...but was it awful.  Can't even bring myself to post a picture of it!
So, there will be no "results" photo this week from Crafty Friday.  ;(  I did spend Saturday night playing with the pattern a bit and came up with this, which will not be modeled by my lovely styrofoam head (who remains unnamed, suggestions?), since my head is much bigger than hers and it looks silly.
Now that I've got this whole "hat thing" out of my system, I've decided I will spend my Sunday digging into those granny craft patterns!


  1. Wish my sis was crafty, she just used to come round on Sundays for something to eat, to raid my closet and borrow DVDS!!

  2. i totes painted that...and it was a blasty blast


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