Friday, October 21, 2011

Simple Gifts #1

I've mentioned the huge family and wanting to make everyone a little something this year for the holidays, so I thought I'll take you guys along with me by providing links, guidelines and mini tutorials of inexpensive, quick and simple projects.

I spent a lot of time browsing around the craft blogs this week and came across this wonderful tutorial on Yarnista.  I was able to get out and about and made my way to the Not So Stinky Thrift and was lucky enough to find a styrofoam wreath, a steal at 99 cents.   Here's a quick in-progress shot:
I did a bit of searching for fabric flower patterns, but in the end settled on the felt flowers in the tutorial.  The finished result is so sweet on its own, I love the imperfection of them, as I hate to measure!   Here's one I did using pinking shears, the second shows one cutting the circle with a little bit of a scalloped edge.
 These flowers would be perfect for many projects, embellishing headbands, attached to a clip or pin for a sweet little barrette, or even grouped together for a nice brooch.
I was fussy about placement of the flowers and had a serious fear of over-embellishing, so I didn't use either of these on the finished wreath.  All in all the project would have only taken around an hour, had I not been interrupted several times to tend to Babygirl and other domestic duties! :)
I love the simplicity of it, so pretty and all in all cost maybe two dollars in materials.  I'm having a hard time deciding how to finish it (as usual) so I haven't done anything with the hanging part yet.  I'm thinking maybe some wide ribbon...suggestions?
Yarn Mountain De-Stash Value=  half a skein of soft boucle, which I have quite a bit of, so there will likely be more wreaths in my future to get rid of it!

Ok, I confess, I also bought yarn at the above mentioned thrift store, but really, how could I resist this lovely wool/mohair blend in my favorite colors???
More projects to come, Happy Friday!


  1. Love the wreath, been meaning to make one for ages and the felt flowers are gorgeous. The yarn you used even looks like the wreath is made from tree bark, I just wanna touch it! I saw a yarn wreath made with a foam pool noodle which I thought was a great idea too.

  2. I love the felt flowers, very cool


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