Saturday, September 24, 2011

Again with the embroidery!

Just can't help myself!  Here's my latest project, which presented an ENORMOUS challenge for me, but I fell in love with the pattern, provided for free by Gina Matarazzo (thank you!!!) so I welcomed the learning opportunity!

Its mostly done in back stitch but also some satin, split and the squiggles on the birds were done in the scalloping chain stitch I found in the Sublime Stitching book.
Oh!  and a special thanks to the Sublime Stitching website, for having a great tutorial on the french knot!  I went through four needlework books instructions and couldn't figure the buggers out until I found their tutorial.
I actually did count the french knots in this piece and there are 220!  Whew!
A few close ups!

Have a lovely week!  I'll be back soon!


  1. Excellent job! I LOVE the colors! Especially how you changed colors for the wings. I can't believe there were that many french knots in there. I learned how to do French knots seeing Jenny Hart on a craft show a ways back. She makes it so easy!

  2. Very nice, takes alot of patience (am I shocked, teehee).

  3. It's gorgeous!! You have so much patience with these things. Needlework makes me want to scream and rip it all out (along with my hair).


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