Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I've been in a bit of a funk, craft-wise.  I have no excuses for not making anything, seeing as my house is starting to be taken over by craft books, magazines, patterns, supplies, etc!  I have a "to do" list, but none of those items seem like much fun right now...finally, yesterday, found some inspiration at a thrift store and I'm back on track!

On the subject of thrift stores, I have long avoided them, due to those dreaded blood-sucking sensations that have swept the nation (and beyond!)...BED BUGS.  I'm terrified of them, and unfortunately, thrift stores are a great way for them to make their way into your home.  I set it aside yesterday, and found a little hole in the wall store a few miles from my house.  Unfortunately, this store did not give a great first impression.  Stinky.  Very stinky, like way worse than the normal dead peoples stuff and unwashed clothes smell.  Smelled like dead people and the armpits of a hundred unwashed fourth graders.

 I was in search of interesting frames to alter for all the embroidery and cross stitch I've been planning to do, and had almost given up, when out of the corner of my eye, there was a huge bookshelf.  A huge bookshelf full of crafty stuff!  All kinds of yarn, hundreds of sewing patterns, and these fabulous finds:

Not only are they absolutely charming designs, the packages are unopened and the patterns are uncut!  Yippee!  Now the only problem is having too many to choose from.....


  1. Wow I've seen some embroidery transfers on my thrift store adventures but never completely unopened. Lots of vintage sewing patterns too? sounds like I need to hop on a plane and meet you there ;)

  2. p.s I love that you know what the smell of a hundred smelly kids armpits smells like lol!


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